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Our Vision

To provide visitors of Flywise with the best and most affordable local and international flights. Flywise allows travellers to custom built their own unique holiday locally and abroad.

Our main target are visitors from South African and therefore you will be able to compare flights from all the major airlines in South Africa, such as Mango, Kulula.com, FlySafair, South African Airways (SAA) and British Airways (BA). The results will be shown at once, allowing you to find the cheapest flight available according to your flight preference (depart date & time and return date & time).

Flight comparisons also includes ‘preferred stops’ as well as ‘stopovers’, thus you are in complete control when it comes to booking your next flight.

Our Services

Flywise is slowly starting to gain momentum as a one-stop travel website and we are evolving into becoming a travel agent. We will be providing you with all the necessary information so that you are able to make your own bookings for your next holiday. This will include flights, hotels, car rentals and in some cases itinerary booking at your destination.

Currently we only provide the following services:

  • Flight bookings
  • Car rental
  • Hotels

Why Choose Us

Well, the answer is quite simple. We save you time and money!

We have partnered up with absolutely great and wonderful service providers and therefore we have the ability to provide you with all the necessary information and prices when you are searching for flights, hotels or rental cars.

The search results always shows the cheapest flights first, while the BEST FLIGHT DEAL are shown at the top of the page. Keep in mind that the best deal are not necessary the cheapest deal. The first result or the best deal provides flights specifically catered to your flight preferences (depart date & time and return date & time).

With our results, you will be able to bend your specific flight preferences, if you really can, and find flights that can be cheaper.

Compare & Find The Cheapest Return Flights

That is why you also have the the “± 3 days” option when booking international flights. This allow to search for flights 3 days before and after your departure date as well as 3 days before and after your return date. The results will show the cheapest flights on those days, therefore you can alter your travel arrangements e.g. fly a day before and 2 days after your initial travel plans to get the cheapest flights. This means that you have more money to spend at your destination or have in your pocket when you return home.

What You See Is What You Get

All our prices includes airport taxes and what you see is what you get. Say you are searching for a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town and the cheapest flight is R1 350. That is the price that you will pay for your flight ticket. Nothing more and nothing less. We also provide additional extras to our flight tickets such as travel insurance, SMS confirmations and more. These options are optional and you are not forced to take any of them. There is no hidden costs and the price you see, is the price you pay.

As you can see, there is so many wonderful reasons why you should book your next flight at Flywise.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to visit our “Contact” page to contact us.

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