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Emirates Airlines started operation with a merely two aircrafts, through the ethos of quality the airline has grown to be the tourism and travel giant that it is today. Although many things have changed over the years Emirates has not let go of quality!

Today Emirates finds themselves as the largest international carrier in the Middle-East and the seventh largest with respect to revenue worldwide. The airline also has the most up-to-date fleet and operates numerous Airbus A380 to various international destinations.

Known for their market leading service the airline has been on a constant drive to further improve service levels so as to be recognised as a premier airline both locally and internationally. Further adding to their much recognised brand, Emirates have been awarded several service excellence awards.

Emirates airlines realise that the needs of travellers differ; to ensure that your flight experience is memorable Emirates will go the extra mile to satisfy the needs of the most discerning traveller.

Why choose Emirates Airline

Emirates set themselves apart from other airlines with their:

  • Unparalleled level of service quality, excellent in-flight entertainment, and internationally renowned cuisine
  • Various service awards. These include the “Best Aviation Company of the Year”, “Best Airline Cabin Staff”, and “Best Airline Worldwide” awards
  • Modern fleet

Emirates Flight Bookings

The preferred method of ticket booking is online. Customers may make use of Emirates website or flywise.co.za at no additional cost.

Baggage Allowances

As a premier airline Emirates has the most generous baggage allowance. Although allowance may differ from destination to destination the following criteria applies:

Economy Class

Maximum of 2 bags of check-in baggage is allowed not exceeding 23 kg.

Business Class

Business Class passengers are allowed 2 bags of check-in luggage not exceeding 32kg in total. Additional passengers may have 2 bags carry-on luggage (1 bag, 1 garment bag or 1 briefcase) not exceeding 7kg each.

First Class

First Class passengers are allowed 2 bags of check-in baggage not exceeding 32 kg. In addition passengers may also have 2 bags carry-on luggage (1 bag, 1 garment bag or 1 briefcase) not exceeding 7kg each.


Passengers with infants are allowed 1 additional baggage item not exceeding 23kg. In addition a carry-cot or collapsible stroller may also be taken on-board provided that there is room on the aircraft. It is advised that the passenger make prior arrangements.

Check In

Emirates affords passengers the opportunity to check-in online, when making use of the online check-in facility passenger may choose their seats at no additional cost. The online check-in facility is available from 24 hours before departure up to 90 minutes before departure.

Passenger must arrive 90 minutes before departure at the airport for check-in as the boarding gates closes 45 minutes before departure. No late arrivals will be allowed to board the aircraft.

Cabin Facilities

First Class

First Class passengers may be assured of the very best service in air travel including:

  • Chauffeur Service
  • Amenity Kit
  • On-board lounge
  • In-flight spa
  • Personal mini-bar
  • Privacy doors at seat cubical
  • Vanity table and mirror at seat cubical
  • Private cinema with 2000 channels
  • Seats convert into a fully flat bed
  • Gourmet meals and beverages

Business Class

Business Class passengers may expect a high standard of service including:

  • Chauffeur Service
  • Amenity Kit
  • On-board lounges
  • In-flight spa
  • Personal mini-bar
  • 2 000 entertainment channels
  • Seats convert into a fully flat bed
  • Global cuisines and beverages

Economy Class

Not to be outdone by other classes Economy Class passenger may expect services not found on other airlines these services include:

  • 2 000 entertainment channels
  • Wi-Fi services on-board
  • Gourmet meals and beverages
  • Kids entertainment

Cabin Tour | Two-class Airbus A380 | Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline Destinations

As a premier international carrier Emirates fly to over 160 cities on 6 continents. Emirates operate out of Dubai International Airport and as a fast growing carrier it is constantly adding new destinations.

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Bangkok
  • Beijing
  • Cairo
  • Cape Town
  • Colombo
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Panama City
  • San Francisco
  • Washington

Clearly Emirates Airline is the deluxe version when it comes to airlines and most certainly the airline of choice for those seeking to add a little luxury to their air travels.

Emirates Airlines Links

Value adds when travelling with Emirates:

  1. Eight daily non-stop flights from South Africa – Dubai direct and then onwards to the world
    • Four Daily flights from Joburg
    • Three Daily Flights from Cape Town (3rd flight starts 4th July 2016)
    • One daily flight from Durban
  2. Total of 46 kgs CHECKED BAGGGE to all destinations worldwide from South Africa when travelling in ECONOMY CLASS – See more at:
    • 2x 23 kgs checked baggage and 7 kgs hand luggage
  3. No Advanced Seating Costs
  4. Inflight entertainment – over 2500 channels

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