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The words “fly Mango” cannot help but provoke thoughts of gigantic fruit flying through the air, though the name may incite a giggle or two the service levels and low carrier fees are no joke. To date Mango Airlines remains one of South Africa’s most affordable local airline carriers.

Sporting a bright orange colour, Mango Airline planes took to the sky in 2006 and a decade later continue to provide the most affordable fares to all major airline hubs across the country. Over the years Fly Mango has kept their mission simple: making air travel more accessible, comfortable and fun for all South Africans.

All though Mango strives to make travelling fun and accessible there is some important information that patrons should familiarise themselves with:

Fly Mango Airlines Flight Baggage

Mango has a strict yet fair baggage policy:

  • Adult passengers are permitted a 20kg baggage parcel per adult
  • Infants/children are permitted a 10kg baggage parcel per child

Each passenger is permitted one piece of carry-on luggage that cannot exceed 7kg or 56cm x 36cm x 23cm.

Flight Check In

When checking in for your Mango flight, please remember to provide the following:

  • Proof of ID in the form of, a RSA ID book, valid SA passport or valid driver’s licence
  • Your airfare ticket
  • The credit card used to pay for your Mango Airlines ticket
  • Birth certificate/RSA ID book for all infants/children

Patrons may check in for Mango flights at the airport, no less than an hour prior to departure, via the online check service or at the self service check in kiosks which is available at most of the major airports.

When making a booking please keep in mind that for safety reasons, passengers travelling with infants/children under 16 and those who require assistance will not be permitted to occupy seats in the emergency exit rows.

With Mango everyone is equal and to ensure affordable carrier fees all South Africans Mango flights only offers economy travel cabins.


Fly Mango Airlines will only transport domestic pets i.e. cats, dogs and domestic birds. All pets will be checked in as cargo and transported in the pressurized cargo compartment situated in the “belly” of the aircraft.

Details for travelling with pets:

  • The maximum weight of the animal may not exceed 32 kg; there is also a low charge of R30 per kilogram that is applicable.
  • Pets are checked as cargo and do not count against the baggage allowance.
  • A maximum of two animals are permitted per passenger, but is subject to space availability.
  • Pet fees may only be paid at the airport.

When booking your pet please note:

  • Passengers must supply a suitable container which the pet will be transported in
  • Each container may only contain 1x animal
  • Pet containers are not permitted in the passenger cabin
  • All containers must be made of the following materials: Metal, fibreglass or polyethylene
  • No soft sided containers are permitted
  • All containers must meet government requirements and be leak proof
  • Containers are subject to inspection by Mango Airlines

As a low cost carrier Mango Airlines keep costs as low as possible by offering a buy on board option. What this means is beverages, food and snacks are not included in your airfare ticket and must be purchased on board on an as needed basis.

Why fly Mango Airlines?

  • Affordable Wi-Fi Access at 30 000ft
  • A free Mango Juice magazine for all passengers. The magazine is filled with travel articles, the latest SA showcases and useful resources
  • On flight television, featuring a mix of locally produced programmes
  • Mango was named the fastest growing carrier in 2015
  • Mango was awarded the ACSA Feather Award for excellence, two years running
  • Mango is the only low cost carrier to offer flights to Bloemfontein

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