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FlySafair is the new kid on the block and has taken South Africa by storm, offering low cost flights across the board. The airline is committed to changing the way South Africans experience flying by starting with reduced prices.

FlySafair undertake a staggering 60 flights per week on their Cape Town to Johannesburg flight routes, there are also talks of expanding their flight routes in months to come. With years of flying experience under their name FlySafair have made it their mission to provide all South Africans with air travel that is not only affordable but convenient,  safe, on-time and comfortable.

The airline have a fleet of two Boeing 737-400’s each capable of transporting 165 passengers. These airplanes are considered to some of the safest, most comfortable planes in the world and are also used by several other airline carriers in South Africa.

FlySafair Baggage

Passengers are permitted to book baggage of up to 20kg with hand luggage of up to 7kg. Any luggage that exceeds 20kg will be liable for a heavy bag charge of R450 or more.  Passengers may also book an additional bag at a fee of R450 or more depending on weight and size. All baggage additions must be booked-in two hours prior to departure. Passengers may also book-in extra bags via the call centre 087 135 1351 or FlySafair at a reduced price.

Passengers should not book any valuables or fragile items as luggage, any and all fragile/valuable items booked in with luggage is done at the passengers own risk, FlySafair will not accept any liability for any such items.

Items not permitted on flight

  • No passengers will be permitted to carry a firearm on-board or book it in as luggage.
  • No flammable items will be permitted.
  •  No knives may be brought into the cabin compartment.

FlySafair will also transport your sporting equipment for a low handling/storage fee of R450. Any sporting equipment weighing more than 32kg will be booked as cargo and charged accordingly. For a more detailed description of sporting gear that is permitted on the flight and the charges thereof please visit the airline’s website

Flying with pets

Unfortunately FlySafair do not transport any animals, these include:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Hamsters
  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Guinea pigs
  • Spiders
  • Fish

FlySafair urges all passengers to take a moment to answer the following questions while checking in for a flight.

  • Who packed your bags?
  • Where you present when your bags were packed?
  • Did your bags remain with you at all times?
  • Where you in control of your bags since leaving your house?
  • Are you in possession of any items given to you by a stranger or suspicious persons?
  • Are there any items in your luggage that may be considered dangerous i.e. firearms, knives, explosive devices?
  • If the answer to any one of these items raises some concern, you are requested to inform the FlySafair check-in consultant immediately.

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