Kulula Airlines or more commonly known as kulula.com is a low cost carrier based in Johannesburg. Known as one of the most affordable airline carriers in South Africa, kulula.com’s bright green colours dominates the skies for just over a decade.

The airline prides itself in being considered a local aviation giant and was the first privately owned low cost carrier in South Africa! The airline is an entirely owned subsidiary of the widely known British Airways Franchisee “Comair” and offers patrons low cost air travel with guaranteed safety, comfort and security.

Apart from offering extensive local flights the airline also offers international flights to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Mauritius!

Since its inception kulula.com has grown in leaps and bounds and today sports an impressive fleet of no less than 12 bright green Boeing 737’s.

The name says it all! Kulula literally means “easy” in Zulu and that is exactly their mission… to make air travel easy. From bookings to boarding’s and even flying every step is simplified. They believe that even cheap flights should be fun; this is evident in the tongue in cheek humour exhibited by the air hostess.

Apart from providing standard low rates they go one step further and offers regular flight specials! These change from time to time so visit their website at www.kulula.com for updated specials.

kulula.com Bookings

They have simplified the bookings process, bookings can be made online or telephonically via their call centre on 0861 KULULA / 0861 585 852 from Monday to Sunday from 7am to 7pm. As the name suggest kulula.com strives to simplify flying by putting you in the driver’s seat so to speak, if you need to change flight details or add flight extras to your bookings you can do it easy online with the click of a button!

On Flight Baggage

  • Adult passengers are permitted a 20kg luggage bag.
  • Infants and children are permitted a 10kg luggage bag.
  • All passengers are permitted to have a 7kg carry-on bag.

Travelling with Pets

kulula.com is happy to help you get your beloved pet from point A to point B; however as of 2015 no pets/live animals are accepted at the check in counters. The only exception to the rule is service dogs; as you will need to notify them before you book your service dog. Since 2015 the airline has implemented a modernised facility for the acceptance and delivery of domestic animals i.e. pet lounges. These dedicated pet lounges will ensure that your pet reaches its destination safely and comfortably.

Important notice

  • All pet bookings are to be made 48 hours in advance.
  • All pets are to be booked in 2 hours before the flight.
  • Inoculation booklets must be provided.
  • Rabies inoculations are subject to 7-14 days waiting period.

To book a flight for your pet please contact 0800 221 139 or email [email protected]

Why Fly with kulula.com?

  • Light in-flight atmosphere, with tongue in cheek humour.
  • Audio entertainment for all passengers.
  • Refreshments sold in flight.
  • Precise seating configuration, for added comfort.
  • Free kulula.com flight magazine for all passengers.

Their unique approach to air travel has fashioned an unshakeable emotional bond with their customers, securing a number one spot as the preferred local carrier to millions.

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The Evolution of kulula.com

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