7 Spectacular running spots according to Redbull

7 Spectacular running spots according to Redbull

Many runners would agree that running and jogging is exhilarating and a very good way to relieve built up stress. Not only that, in many cases runners are able to experience nature in its fullest form. Travelling runners can vouch that nature makes it perfect to have a wonderful running experience, free from the distractions of the modern world.

Redbull recently announced some great spots for running. These seven spots will definitely inspire you to take your running shoes out of the closet, blow of the dust and start running.

1. Iceland – Fjords & Glaciers

The beauty of Iceland lays in its nature. It is said that poets, musicians and runners are all inspired by the mesmerizing view of Iceland’s beautiful landscapes. Most of Iceland is uninhabited and therefore you will immediately be immersed in the beauty that Iceland has to offer. Only 5 minutes from the capital city of Reykjavik, you will feel that you were transported to a whole new world.

Make sure that you are geared to run in Iceland, as you will need to navigate deep fjords and glaciers.

2. Nepal – Mountains

The country of Nepal is well known for its high mountains. This will provide a challenge to beginner and experienced runners alike. The mountains of Nepal provide some great challenging climbs and some spectacular scenic peaks. It is said that Nepal is a becoming a secret spot for trail running.

3. Antarctica

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It seems that running in Antarctica can be a challenge due to the amount of snow. Although Antarctica is a content filled with snow, it makes for a great running experience. The sunrise of Antarctica is a splendour that cannot be described but must rather be experienced. Pack up your gear and run in Antarctica for the ultimate challenge. The cold will push you even further as you will run like you have never run before, all the while being disconnected from the world.

4. Central Park – New York

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New York is a popular tourist destination for tourists from all over the world. Listed in this article, it may seem that New York is out of its place, but it is a running spot definitely worth mentioning. If you are more comfortable to run in cities than you definitely must not loose out on running in Central Park. If you are planning on visiting New York in the near future, don’t forget to pack your running shoes. Central Park offers a good combination of running in a big city and also running in the countryside.

5. Egypt – Desert

Christian Schiester said the following about running in the desert, “it frees your mind in a way that I have never experienced before.” Running in sand and in temperatures way above of what you are used to can be quite the challenge. Running through the pyramids and desert sands will definitely be an experience that a runner should not miss.

6. China – The Great Wall of China

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Take a trip to China if you want to experience the Chinese culture and pack your running shoes. Backpacking through the many villages is an experience, while running along the The Great Wall of China, which is said to be 8 000 km long, is another experience in itself. A runner can be assured that this spectacular world heritage site will provide a great challenge due to the hundreds of steps along the wall.

7. Cape Town

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According to Redbull, Cape Town is a must if you enjoy running. Book a flight to Cape Town, if you do not already live there, and experience the tranquil nature the Cape has to offer. Cape Town offers different challenges for all types of experienced runners. Beginner runners can take the trail up Lions Head while more experience runners can run around Cape Point. The ocean, wildlife and fynbos of the Cape makes Cape Town a spectacular running spot definitely worth listing in any runners’ bucket list.

Accessing these beautiful countries and running spots is easy. Book your flight on Flywise to experience these 7 spectacular running spots.

What is you favourite running spot? Please leave a comment below and tell us which spots you love to run.

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