How to book a flight online

How to book a flight online

It is a fact that South Africa is quite a big country. Although the major cities is driving distance away from each other, driving from Cape Town to Johannesburg or to Durban can even last you a better part of a day or even two days. Therefore it is understandable that many people decide to book a flight online. Flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg can last up to 2 hours in is a very fast, and sometimes, an affordable way to quickly get from one major city to another. Lets take a look at how to book a flight online on

If you are new to booking flights online you might think that booking your first flight can be quite daunting. At Flywise, we have partnered up with a great travel booking company, which makes booking flights as easy and effortless as possible.

In this article we will cover the process on how to book a flight online on our website:

Step 1 – Your flight details

Visit our home page at On our home page you will see a web form. Make sure you choose the “Flights” tab.

Flight Type

Within in the “Flight Type” drop down, you can choose between ‘One Way’ and ‘Return’. One-way flights, as the name says, is a one-way flight from your current destination e.g. Cape Town to your chosen destination e.g. Johannesburg. Return flights are two-way flights from your current destination e.g. Cape Town to your new destination e.g. Johannesburg and back to Cape Town.

From Airport

In the ‘From Airport’, you can start to type the airport you want to fly from e.g. Cape Town International Airport. Our auto complete suggestions make choosing your preferred airport as easy as possible.

You can use the city name, airport name or even the airport’s IATA code e.g. CPT for Cape Town to search for your preferred airport

To Airport

In the ‘To Airport” you can start to type the airport you want to fly to e.g. OR Tambo. Here you can also search by city, airport name or IATA code.

Departure Date

In the ‘Departure’ section, you can choose the date you wish to fly from your preferred airport. A date picker shall pop-up allowing you to choose your preferred day.

Return Date

This option will be hidden when you have chosen “One Way” in the ‘Flight Type’ section. If you have chosen a ‘Return Flight’ you will be able to choose the date that you wish to return to the airport you embarked from. Also here a date picker shall popup allowing you to click on a date of your choice.

Cabin Class

In the “Class” section you will be able to choose between cabin types such as:

  • Any – any cabin class
  • Economy for economy class
  • Business for business class
  • First for first class
  • Premium for premium class

Please note that there will be price differences between the different classes. Premium class is much more expensive than economy. If you prefer to fly First class, make the choice otherwise any will be sufficient to provide you prices from all classes.


Here you will be able to choose the amount of passengers will be flying. You can choose between 1 to 9 passengers.

Search Flights

Click on the ‘SEARCH FLIGHTS’ button to start your flight search.

Step 2 – Flight comparisons

You will be taken to a new page on our site. The search will commence and after the search is done, you will be provided with a list of flights from and to the airports you have chosen in step 1 (above) as well as your preferred dates.

The cheapest flight for that specific day on the different airlines will be listed first and as you go down, you will see more expensive flights. You have the ability to sort the results by the following:

  • Cheapest
  • Airlines (A to Z)
  • Airlines (Z to A)
  • Earliest Departure
  • Latest Departure
  • Least Stops
  • Fastest

If you click on the “+ View Flight Details” you will be able to view the departure and arriving time for each flight as well as stops, if any.

Stops normally shows up for international flights. When flying overseas, you will also be able to see how long you layover will last, so that you can plan accordingly. Choosing flights with least stops and shorter layovers, may be much more expensive than their counterparts.

Choose your preferred departure time for each of the legs that you are flying. The total price will be automatically calculated. You will also see the fare breakdown such as the flight prices and the taxes. If you are happy with the price, you can click on the green ‘Continue ›’ button.

Please note that the total price shown includes all fares and taxes.

Step 3 – Additional options and personal information

Please review your flight details

Here you can review your flight details such as the departure date & time as well as flight number and duration.

You will be able to choose to ‘Upgrade to a Flexible Ticket’ allowing you 1 FREE date change up to 24 hours before you fly (subject to same fare class availability).

If you choose to upgrade to a flexible ticket, and additional amount will be added to you total price. If chooses not to, your total price will stay the same. A popup will appear asking if you are sure that you don’t want to upgrade. You can choose to upgrade or not.

Click on the green ‘Continue’ button.

Add passenger details

In this section you must insert the passenger’s name, surname as well as birth date. If you choose to increase your luggage weight, you can do so with at an additional amount to your total flight price.

You also have to insert your contact details and choose if you want your ticket to also be SMS’ed to you at an additional price.

Click the green “Continue” button

Customise your Trip

Here you are able to add additional products to your flight ticket such as:

  • Cancellation & Refund assistance will provide you a full refund of airfare & taxes for hospitalization or death, or a partial refund for any other reason.
  • Domestic Baggage & Personal Accident Insurance, which protects your trip in case of a personal accident, lost and theft.
  • Gadget Insurance will insure your laptop, phone and other gadgets to the amount of R30 000.

Secure Payment

Here you can choose your payment option. Options available are Credit Card, Cheque / Debit Card or normal Internet Bank Transfer.

This is also where you can enter your voucher code, if you have one. Here at Flywise, we will run specials and competitions that will provide you with different voucher types.

Click on the green “Reserve Now” or “Pay Now”


The confirmation part will confirm all your details. Your flights are reserved for 4 hours until all details have been reviewed and all payments are processed.

Step 4 – eTicket and happy flying

After payment has been processed, you will receive your ticket via email with your flight details as well as per SMS, if you have opted for the SMS option listed in Step 3 under ‘Add passenger details’

All you will have to do is board your flight at the date and time of you choice and you are set.

I hope that this how to book flights online instruction article has and will help you book your next flight on Flywise. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below or send us an email.

Happy flying.

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