Book flights online to these 8 popular cities

Book flights online to these 8 popular cities

In recent years flight travels has increased in South Africa. Many international travellers add South Africa to their travel plans. The reason is, well, obvious. South Africa is a beautiful country with lots of history and many wonderful and diverse regions. South Africans has always enjoyed the wonderful experiences that other countries and cities have to offer. This includes popular holiday destinations with clear blue waters and white sandy beaches. Let’s take a look at the top popular that South Africans love to visit.

Flights to London, UK

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One of the oldest cities in the world, London offers travellers a very unique experience. The city is rich with history and historical architecture and royal palaces. London is also home to the royal British family and everybody knows who Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton are.

The city of London is part of the United Kingdom and the capital of England. London’s history can be traced back to Roman times as it was founded by the Roman Empire in 43 A.D. At that time the city was named Londinium.

The Big Ben is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. Did you know that Big Ben is not the name of the tower, but the bell in the tower? The tower, in which the Big Ben is located, is actually called the Elizabeth Tower.

Visa Application

South Africans that wish to travel to London or the United Kingdom have to obtain a Visa trough Teleperformance, a UK Border Agency handling company. There is a belief that you will need to buy your flight tickets before applying for a UK Visa. This is absolute wrong and you are able to get your UK Visa first, before booking flights online. On the other hand, having a return date on your flight ticket can increase your chances of obtaining a UK Visa.

Flights to Cape Town

Cape Town or the “Mother City” of South Africa is a popular tourist destination for South Africans and international travellers alike. The city was so popular that it was voted the ‘number 1 tourist destination’ back in 2011.

The city has lots to offer any type of travellers that visits Cape Town. Table Mountain, the five-pointed Castle of Good Hope, Robben Island is just a few attractions, which is a must-see. Long Street is a famous street in the CBD of Cape Town and offers some unique sights, sounds, fashion and passion.

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Flights to Johannesburg

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Johannesburg, called ‘Egoli’ or ‘City of Gold’ is the largest and also the busiest city in South Africa. The city has two major airports namely O.R. Tambo International Airport and Lanseria Airport. Many people mistake Johannesburg as the capital of South Africa, but it is actually wrong. The honour of the capital of South Africa goes to Pretoria, located about 40 minutes north of Johannesburg.

The Gautrain, which was built in recent years, is a South African first. The train transports travellers from O.R. Tambo International to Sandton, Pretoria and beyond. The Gautrain Station is located on the departures level at O.R. Tambo.

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Flights to Paris, France

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Paris has recently gone under attack by the Islamic State (IS). This has lead to the deaths of 136 people, of which 129 were victims. Although this is tragic event that has shocked the world, South Africans are continuing to travel to Paris.

This is due to Paris’ generosity towards culture and romance that can be found in this beautiful city. The city boasts with numerous attractions and activities. One of Paris’ main attractions is the Eiffel Tower and the iconic Louvre Museum.

Visa Applications

South Africans that wants to visit Paris, France, needs to obtain a Schengen Visa. This visa is only available by appointment. Living in Johannesburg, you can obtain the visa through Copago, while Capetonians have to call 086 7444 003. Applicants will need to appear in person. Please note that you will need to provide you documents in the best order before you submit them. This is due to pedantic and unhelpful consular officials. Also note that the waiting time for the Schengen Visa appointment is extremely long.

Flights to New York

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New York, NY or the ‘Big Apple’, as it is known is also another popular city for South African travellers. Central Park is the world’s largest inner-city park. Time Square is a popular attraction and destination in New York as it is home to many exciting events.

To experience America, visit Broadway where you are able to watch some wonderful and exciting plays. You can get a New York Pass, which will enable you to enter over 80 top attractions for free. These attractions include the beautiful Botanical Gardens and the American Museum of Natural History. The iconic yellow taxi’s and underground metro-rail system is the best way to get around in New York.

Visa Applications

South Africans can obtain a Visa by visiting the official Visa Services of the United States of America. Appointments must be scheduled at least 60 before you departure. Processing your Non-immigrant USA Visa takes approximately 2 to 3 working days. You will need to complete the online form, schedule and pay for the appointment online. You will then receive a bar-coded confirmation document that you will need to print out.

Flights to Dubai

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In recent years Dubai has became a popular tourist destination for South Africans and international tourists alike. The city boasts with modern architecture, hot climate and great coastal location. The largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall houses 1 200 shops. The mall also houses an aquarium and an ice rink.

South Africans that wish to experience Dubai can opt for many wonderful activities. The desert safari allows you to travel to the Arabian Desert in off-road vehicles, where you can enjoy camel rides and sleep in a Bedouin tent. South Africans can swim with dolphins at the Atlantis Marine & Waterpark while the Lost Aquariums offers scuba diving. History lovers will enjoy the Dubai Museum at Al Fahdi Fort where they will enjoy the city’s historical development and see how the city was built.

Visa Applications

Dubai Visa applications can be done in two ways. The first and easiest way is to book your Emirates flight ticket on Flywise. Emirates is the only airline to sponsor Dubai Visa’s. After you have booked your flight, ask for a Emirates reference and visit Emirate’s visa application website.

If you are not flying with Emirates the other option is get a Dubai Visa through a reputable hotel. Before you book accommodation, email them to ensure that they will act as a sponsor. You might need to pay a security deposit. If you have family or friends living in Dubai, you can use them as a sponsor when applying for a Dubai Visa.

For more information read “How to apply for the Dubai Visa for South Africans”.

Flights to Mauritius

Mauritius is a popular holiday destination for many local and international tourists. Popular for romantic honeymoons the tropical island boasts with warm climates, beautiful beaches and a rich culture.

Influenced by French, Chinese, Indian and European cuisine you will never be left without choice when it comes to Mauritius cuisine.

Mauritius is made up of long sandy beaches, blue sea, lush forests and mountainous regions. If you want to explore what Mauritius has to offer, opt for guided tours.

Visa Applications

As with most African countries, South Africans don’t need to obtain a Visa to visit Mauritius. Ensure that your South African passport it valid for at least 6 months and that it has 2 blank pages available for stamps.

Flights to Perth

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South African Airways (FlySAA) is the only airline that offers direct flights to Perth. The city is the capital and largest city of Western Australia and also the fourth-most populous city in Australia.

The city offers wonderful attractions and activities for tourists. The Swan Valley is renowned for its wineries and microbreweries. Visiting Fremantle is a must and top attractions include the Fremantle Prison, Maritime Museum, Round House and the statue of Bon Scott, one of AC/DC’s band members.

If you want to see a Kangaroo in person visit the Perth Zoo, which has over 1 000 animals and more that 150 different species. The elephants are particularly well loved by the locals.

The Wave Rock is a granite rock formation that looks like a wave that is about to break. Hyden is located east of Perth and the closest town to Wave Rock.

Visa Applications

Australia offers different Visa types for different reasons. A Visitor Visa (subclass 600) is ideal for people that travel to Australia as a tourist, for business visitor activities or to visit family and/or friends.

For South Africans that will be visiting Australia on multiple occasions within 12 months period, a Electronic Travel Authority Visa (subclass 601) is ideal.

Book Flights Online

Book flights online to these popular cities to experience these wonderful cities and what they have to offer.

Are you an international traveller? Tell us which city is your favourite in the comments below.

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