Cheap domestic flights in South Africa

Cheap domestic flights in South Africa

Given the recent economical climate many people have found themselves strapped for cash and those that may have a little extra to spend don’t want to part with their hard earned cash likely. Taking all into account it may not be a bad idea to do some bargain hunting, if you are like me, you will always search for the best possible price for any product. This is definitely true when looking for cheap domestic flights in South Africa.

In this article we will be taking a closer look at cheap domestic flights. Using the internet to find the best possible deal is definitely the best way to start. However, the internet is like a double edged sword on the one side it makes finding what you are looking for that much easier. On the other side it is the added pressure of choosing the right service provider. Here at we put the simplicity back into looking for cheap domestic flights.

Many hate the idea of travelling to another city simply because it consists of either driving or taking a bus to their desired destination. Many don’t even consider flying as it has been deemed too expensive, this is a fallacy South Africa is filled to the brim with domestic carriers that not only charge fair if not downright cheap rates!

For those of you that have not flown before let’s put aside the cost of an airline ticket and look at the perks of flying:

  • You will reach your destination in mere hours or less depending on where you are travelling to
  • In flight snacks and refreshments
  • In flight magazine
  • The absolute thrill of flying on a Boeing or Airbus
  • Travelling in absolute comfort and reaching your destination well rested
  • Wi-Fi access on certain flights
  • Travelling with pets (certain flights only)
  • Friendly Air Host to cater to your needs
  • Car rental option at your destination

Now that you are familiar with the perks of flying, the question still begs which service provider to use. Undoubtedly you were bombarded with website offering more or less the same prices for a specific flight, which in itself can be a bit intimidating. At Flywise SA we not only proved you with the information you need, we make you the travel agent putting the power in your hands to make your own travel arrangements. From flight bookings to accommodation and soon we will be adding car rentals to our list of services. If this is not exiting enough look out for our soon to be released day and adventure tours as well as cruise ship bookings!

Searching for Cheap Domestic Flights in South Africa on Flywise

The Flywise flight search engines is extensive and offers flights from a wide range of airlines, making it that much easier to cater to the needs of budget-sensitive travellers. Ticket prices are also available to the more sophisticated traveller that doesn’t mind paying a little extra.

With Flywise comparing flight prices from Mango,, FlySAA, FlySafair & British Airways has never been easier, you will be able to compare the prices of all your preferred carriers on one screen. The only difficult thing is deciding which flight will best suit your needs and pocket.

The major routes in South Africa are cheap flights between Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure Flywise has you covered.

We do not only cater to the main flight routes, you can also book cheap flights to less travelled routes such as Port Elizabeth, George and even the Kruger National Park!  Booking cheap domestic flights in South Africa has never been easier.

Why not do away with the middle man and be your own travel agent? Don’t take our word for it, use our flight booking search engine today to search for a flight to any destination but be prepared to be amazed! The layout and results are wonderfully presented with the cheapest flight at the very top and progressively more expensive flights going down.

Airlines Offering Domestic Flights in South Africa

Domestic flights are offered by all South Africa’s airlines, with the more affordable airlines offering regular flight specials. These specials range from specific route or dates to one-day and weekend specials. These specials normally only run for one day and bookings should be made on that day for future travel.

The Flywise booking system provides you with all the information you could possibly need, so you know exactly what you are paying before you pay. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS! Booking cheap domestic flights has never been this easy.

Heads Up

  • Mango, or flyMango, offers regular flight specials on cheap domestic flights.
  • The green airline, or, offers regular specials to destinations such as Zanzibar.
  • Flysafair is a local airline and offers cheap discounted flight specials.
  • SAA and British Airways don’t really release flight specials.

As more and more airlines starts to enter our skies, you can be sure that even more cheap domestic flights will reveal themselves in due course.

Get Notified of Cheap Flights

Being able to book cheap domestic flights is good and fine however not everyone has time to surf the net everyday for a view hours to check for specials. Once again it is Flywise to the rescue, we have quite a few ways you can be notified of specials:

  • Flywise have a few social platforms that you can like and follow i.e. Facebook, Twitter (@FlywiseSA) and Instagram.
  • By completing the “Newsletter Subscription” on our website  you will be added to our mailing list, enabling us to send specials to your inbox and/or cellphone as soon as they are released.

How to Get Cheap Domestic Flights

The best way to get the cheapest flight is through preparation, planning your trip and buying flight tickets in advance. This way you are guaranteed to get the best deal. We have an insightful blog post on “The exact day to buy the cheapest flight”.

Another way is to book your flights online at This helps you to avoid any additional fees charged by travel agencies, travel and/or airport desks. With Flywise the prices listed on our booking engine is the price you will pay. There are no hidden fees!

Always check flights on South Africa’s low cost airline carriers. The South African skies have seen a few airlines come and go, remember 1Time & Skywise? Low cost airline carriers in South Africa include Mango, and FlySafair. They might not provide free check-in luggage, in some cases in-flight meals and only offer standard seating class, but they are definitely save and comfortable. Fret not, some of these airline carriers may not provide and in-flight meal however you will not starve as snacks and refreshments can be purchased, so remember to take some cash!

You can also use your SAA Voyager Miles to book cheap domestic flights on Mango. Mango airlines also have partnerships with Avis, Tempest and Tsogo Sun groups of hotels. Making car rentals and accommodation bookings that much easier and cheaper! To make things even better you can also book Mango flights at any Shoprite/Checkers branch or alternatively at Edcon stores such as Edgars, Jet and CNA. When making a booking at any Edcon store you can book your flight using your account card and pay it off over 6 months interest free! Being a member of Sanlam Reality or Momentum Multiply will help you to get discounted Mango flights.

FlySafair is associated with First Car Rental and who has been in partnership with Europcar for many years.

Don’t delay if you want the best deal book your flight in advance, also read our blog post on “The exact day to buy the cheapest flights”. It is insightful and informative.

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