Why Mango Airlines is so awesome!

Why Mango Airlines is so awesome!

Mango Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in South Africa, and there is a reason for that.  Their service from the start to landing is amazing, and it shows when looking at their reviews.  Mango flights are not just a means of transport since they offer so much more.  Due to Mango’s extremely competitive pricing, flying with them is definitely something you must do at least once in you life.

Mango is owned by the state and is a subsidiary of South African Airways.  Mango provides South Africa with cheap flights ever since their launch on 30 October 2006.  In 2016 they have flown over 3 million passengers to their destinations safely.  They have had a mere 2 recorded incidents since their first departure.

In terms of fleet, Mango has grown substantially from a mere 4 Planes to a total of 10 in at year end in 2016.  Star Air Cargo is currently leasing a Boeing 737-300 to Mango Airlines.  That particular plane can carry up to 142 passengers.  The other 9 are all Boeing 737-800s and they are able to accommodate 186 passengers each.  The entire fleet has a uniform livery, which, as we all know, is orange with the Mango logo.

Since this is a low-cost airline and the flights are relatively short, there are no meals offered, but you are able to buy various items while in flight.  You will also find Mango-TV playing on all of the drop down screens, and free wifi.  This really sets a standard for the entertainment offered on most domestic flights.  You can also redeem SAA Voyager miles with Mango.  You are also able to pay using your Edcon Thank U card. There are also various other payment methods as well as benefits available.

Mango sports a 6/10 average user review score based on 44 reviews.  This is on one of the most popular airline review websites in the world.  Considering the few reviews and the handful of people in South Africa that know of this website, this is an extremely good score.

If you have not yet had an experience with Mango, we definitely urge you to book your next domestic flight with Mango.  Disappointment would be last on you list.


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