Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't you a airline that is grounded?

How do I make a booking?

Must I have a credit card to make a flight booking?

Can I make an EFT payment to pay for my flight booking?

How do I know that my flight booking is successful?

The difference between direct flights, non-stop flights and connection flights

Will connection flights I book on Flywise have enough connection time between flights?

Can I book a flight departing from another airport situated in another country I'm currently in?

Can I book a stopover flight?

Can I book a flight to one destination and return from another destination?

Can I book a 'around the world' ticket?

I want to book a flight for an unaccompanied child

What extras do you offer when I book a flight?

Why do I need to show my credit card when checking in on certain flights?

I don't trust booking my flight online, can I contact Flywise to book the flight for me?

Why do I have to provide certain information such as date of birth, passport information, etc. when booking a flight to/from/via the USA or with certain airlines?

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